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  • Yang J.-L., Y.-F. Guo, B. Wang, 2006: Study of AGCMs in Asian Monsoon Precipitation Simulations. Chinese Journal of Atmospheric Sciences. Submitted.

This paper analyzes the simulation performances of Asian monsoon precipitation by the AGCMs that participate the Fourth Assessment Report of IPCC including the Grid-point Atmospheric Model of IAP LASG-GAMIL, to assess the mean performance of contemporary AGCMs as well as the performance of GAMIL in Asian monsoon precipitation simulations relative to previous evaluations. It is shown that simulation performance of climatological precipitation in winter is better than that in summer. No obvious improvements are found in simulations of Summer Indian Ocean and Western Pacific Ocean precipitation. Some of the AGCMs can simulate well the rain band of Eastern Asian Subtropical, but most of them cannot. It is also shown that GAMIL has a similar performance with MMEA except a little weak intensity simulation in winter Indian Ocean and summer West Pacific Ocean. The error in precipitation simulation corresponds to that in circulation simulation.
Moreover, we also evaluate the simulation performance of precipitation in interannual variability and during the period of the monsoon onset and retreat. It is found that the models have better simulation performances in winter West Pacific Ocean than that in summer. The simulations are not very well in Eastern Asia Subtropical and Indian Ocean. The performances of monsoon precipitation during the period of monsoon onset and retreat need to be improved.

Last Updated: 2006-03-28

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