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  • Waliser, D. E., K. Seo, S. Schubert, E. Njoku, 2007: Global Water Cycle Agreement in the Climate Models Assessed in the IPCC AR4. GRL, 34, 10.1029/2007GL030675..

This study examines the fidelity of the global water cycle in the climate model simulations assessed in the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report. The results demonstrate good model agreement in quantities that have had a robust global observational basis and that are physically unambiguous. The worst agreement occurs for quantities that have both poor observational constraints and whose model representations can be physically ambiguous. In addition, components involving water vapor (frozen water) typically exhibit the best (worst) agreement, and fluxes typically exhibit better agreement than reservoirs. These results are discussed in relation to the importance of obtaining accurate model representation of the water cycle and its role in climate change. Recommendations are also given for facilitating the needed model improvements.

Full Article: http://http://hydro.jpl.nasa.gov/other/2007GL030675.pdf

Last Updated: 2008-08-26

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