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  • John, V. O. and B. J. Soden, 2007: Temperature and humidity biases in global climate models and their impact on climate feedbacks. Geophys. Res. Lett., 34, L18704, 10.1029/2007GL030429.

A comparison of AIRS and reanalysis temperature and
humidity profiles to those simulated from climate models reveals
large biases. The model simulated temperatures are systematically
colder by 1-4 K throughout the troposphere. On average, current
models also simulate a large moist bias in the free troposphere
(more than 100%) but a dry bias in the boundary layer (up to
25%). While the overall pattern of biases is fairly common from
model to model, the magnitude of these biases is not. In particular,
the free tropospheric cold and moist bias varies significantly from
one model to the next. In contrast, the response of water vapor and
tropospheric temperature to a surface warming is shown to be
remarkably consistent across models and uncorrelated to the bias in
the mean state. We further show that these biases, while
significant, have little direct impact on the models' simulation of
water vapor and lapse-rate feedbacks.

Full Article: http://www.sat.ltu.se/publications/?keyword=john&p=1

Last Updated: 2007-10-05

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