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  • Volodin, E.M., Similarity between cloudiness change induced by global warming and cloudiness difference between tropics and midlatitudes. Tellus. Submitted.

The connection between near-surface global warming induced by doubling of CO2 (climate sensitivity) and cloudiness and relative humidity distribution in present climate simulation in 18 climate models is studied. There is significant correlation between three indices: (1) model climate sensitivity, (2) the change of total cloudiness induced by global warming, and (3) the difference between cloudiness in tropics and midlatitudes in present climate simulation. In models with high climate sensitivity we have much more clouds in the midlatitudes over oceans than in tropics, while in models with low sensitivity cloud amount in tropics and midlatitudes is almost the same. There is similarity between vertical profiles of cloudiness and relative humidity change induced by global warming, and the difference of these values between tropics and midlatitudes. According to this similarity, climate sensitivity of real climate system is estimated.

Last Updated: 2007-08-06

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