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  • Jylhä, K., K. Ruosteenoja, J. Räisänen, A. Venäläinen, H. Tuomenvirta, L. Ruokolainen, S. Saku and T.Seitola, 2009: Arvioita Suomen muuttuvasta ilmastosta sopeutumistutkimuksia varten. ACCLIM-hankkeen raportti 2009 (The changing climate in Finland: estimates for adaptation studies. ACCLIM project report 2009; in Finnish, with an extended abstract in English).

A proper and timely adaptation to climate change and its impacts
should be based on the best available knowledge of past, current and
future climate. Climate information required by the Finlands Research
Programme on Adaptation to Climate Change (ISTO) is provided by the
ACCLIM project. This report documents the results obtained during the
first phase of the project (2006-2008).

The main outcomes of the ACCLIM project include; (i) return periods of
extreme weather events based on observations at twelve weather
stations, (ii) climate scenarios and probabilistic estimates of
changes in climate over Finland based on an analysis of global and
regional climate model simulations, (iii) guidance in the use of
climate information in climate change impacts and adaptation

The future projections of seasonal and annual mean temperature and
precipitation are given separately for the next four decades and for
three consecutive 30-year periods. The probability that in Finland the
next full decade (2011-2020) will be warmer than the baseline
period 1971-2000 appears to exceed 95%. By the end of this century,
the annual mean temperature is projected to increase by 2-6ºC. The
effect of increasing greenhouse gas concentrations on precipitation is
expected to be much weaker relative to natural variability than the
effect on temperature. Both the warming and increases in precipitation
will be stronger in winter than in summer.

The results of the project, summarized in an extended abstract,
include projections for other climate variables as well, including
daily minimum and maximum temperature, number of frost days and wet
days, heavy precipitation, dry periods, snow cover, cloudiness, global
radiation, thermal seasons and growing season length.

Full Article: http://ilmatieteenlaitos.fi/hankkeen-julkaisut-ja-seminaariesitelmat/

Last Updated: 2011-02-23

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