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  • Sun, S., and R. Bleck, 2006: Multi-Century Simulations with the Coupled GISS-HYCOM. Climate Dynamics, 26, 407-428, doi:10.1007/s00382-005-0091-7.

Multi-century climate simulations obtained with the GISS atmospheric
general circulation model coupled to the hybrid-isopycnic ocean model
HYCOM are described.
Greenhouse gas concentrations are held fixed in these experiments to
investigate the coupled model's ability to reproduce the major features
of today's climate with minimal drift. Emphasis is placed on the realism
of the oceanic general circulation and its effect on air-sea exchange
processes. Several model runs using different closures for turbulent
vertical exchange as well as improvements to reduce vertical numerical
diffusion are compared with climate observations. As in previous studies,
the Southern Ocean emerges as the Achilles Heel of the ocean model;
deficiencies in its physical representation had far-reaching consequences
in early experiments with the coupled model and have provided the
strongest impetus for model improvement. The overarching goal of this
work is to add diversity to the pool of ocean models available for
climate prediction and thereby reduce biases that may stand in the way
of assessing climate prediction uncertainty.

Last Updated: 2006-03-16

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