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WCRP CMIP3 Subprojects | Subproject Publications

Last Updated: 2007-07-25
Current Total: 1194 subprojects

Title PI Institution Publications
Changing Modes of Variability and Their Impact on Extreme Weather EventsJohn AbatzoglouUniversity of California, Irvine 
Impacts of Climate ChangeEl Ouali AbdelazizMet Office of Morocco (DMN)Pub 1
Impacts of Climate Change on Colombia's Water ResourcesLina AcevedoUniversidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellín, Colombia 
Future precipitation extremes in ScandinaviaChristine AchbergerEarth Sciences Centre 
El Nino/Southern Oscillation in General Circulation ModelsKrishna AchutaRaoLawrence Livermore National Laboratory / PCMDIPub 1
Possible future impacts on exploration and development activities in permafrost areas of the Northwest Territories and sea-ice impacted areas in the arctic islandsDavid ActonHusky Energy 
Snowmelt predictionJennifer AdamUniversity of Washington 
COLA's Analysis of CMIP3 DataJennifer AdamsIGESPub 1, Pub 2, Pub 3
Climate impact on Water availability for electricity generationDenis AelbrechtElectricite de France 
Monthly and annual precipiatation during the 20th century over the northeast USADavid P. AhlfeldUniversity of MassachusettsPub 1
Climate Change in SyriaMaher AhmedGeography 
LOCIBodo AhrensUniversity of Frankfurt 
Model comparision in East AsiaMei AiInstitute of Atmospheric Physics 
Teleconnections forced by Sahel precipitationAnantha AiyyerNorth Carolina State University 
Population Growth, Consumption Patterns and Emission / Climate Change L.E. Akeh 
Research on an impact of a high-resolution climate model for IPCC AR-4Sumi AkimasaUniversity of Tokyo 
Semi-arid Vegetation DynamicsJohn AlbertsonDuke University 
Understanding the Environmental Justice ImplicatioJoseph AldyResources for the Future 
Statistical Analysis of Monthly Mean ClimatologyVladimir AlexeevUniversity of Alaska Fairbanks 
Climate Change and Marine FishriesHussain AliCentral Marine Fishries Research Institute 
Updating Climate Change Scenarios Based on AR4 Model OutputBill AllanNew Zeland National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research 
The Atmospheric Hydrological Cycle and Climate FeedbackRichard AllanESSC, University of Reading, UKPub 1, Pub 2, Pub 3, Pub 4, Pub 5, Pub 6
Parameterising non-linearity in feedbacks responsivenessMyles AllenUniversity of Oxford 
Changes in Tropical Circulation Associated With Global WarmingRobert AllenYale University 
A Comparative Study of Precipitation in Global Circulation ModelsJennifer AlltopColumbia UniversityPub 1
Climate change impacts on water supplies and food securityNoel AloysiusUniversity of North Dakota 
Drought Assessment in the Northern Great PlainsNoel AloysiusUniversity of North Dakota 
Global WarmingTsuneo AmanoNational Institute for Fusion Science 
Volcanic and solar signals in 20th century simulationsCasper AmmannNational Center for Atmospheric Research 
Canonical ENSO thermal budget analysisSoon-Il AnYonsei University, KoreaPub 1
ResearchAavudai AnandhiIndian Institute of ScincePub 1, Pub 2, Pub 3, Pub 4, Pub 5
Dissertation Research on Cloud Forest PaleoclimateKevin AnchukaitisUniversity of Arizona 
NoneBret AndersonUnited States Environmental Protection Agency 
NoneCraig AndersonRutgers University 
ArcticNetJay AndersonUniversity of Manitoba 
Developing Countries and the Consequences of Carbon EmissionsSarah-Lee AndrewsUniversity of Wesminster 
Climate SensitivityNatalia AndronovaUniversity of Michigan 
Asian Summer Monsoon Variability and Climate Change H. AnnamalaiUniversity of HawaiiPub 1  
Dynamical downscaling of climate change scenarios to assess the impacts of climate change on the hydroclimate of Greater Horn of AfricaRichard AnyahRutgers University 
ALARMMiguel AraujoCSIC 
CLEARVibhas AravamuthanLouisiana State University 
Effect of global climate change on jet streamsCristina ArcherCarnegie Institution 
ANR Vulnérabilité Milieux et Climat "RESSAC"Sandra Ardoin-BardinHydroSciences Montpellier 
Comparing precipitation from 20th century runs to GPCP precipitationPhil ArkinUniversity of Maryland 
Global Precipitation Diagnostic Studies PAPhillip ArkinUniversity of Maryland 
Comparison of Model and Reanalysis Surface PressureChristopher ArmstrongAndrews University 
Regional Aspects of Climate Change over the USRaymond ArrittIowa State University 
Dowscaling of PrecipitationKorawan ArtlertThammasat University,Thailand 
Downscaling of PrecipitationKorawan ArtlertThammasat University,Thailand 
Climate Change Over India in the IPCC AR4 SimulationsRaghavendra AshritNational Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting, India 
AccebroJesus AsinUniversidad de Zaragoza 
Circumpolar melt season trendsDavid E. AtkinsonUniversity of Alaska Fairbanks 
High magnitude wind events over the circumpolar coastal zonesDavid E. AtkinsonUniversity of Alaska Fairbanks 
Ice free Beaufort Sea and Canadian Prairies DroughtJean-Pierre AuclairMcGill University 
Modeling the Future Climate of the Philippines and Southeast AsiaFrancia AvilaManila Observatory 
COMPASJuergen BaderBjerknes Centre for Climate ResearchPub 1
VariousPaul BaerStanford University 
The Effects of Climate Change on Terrestrial Ecosystems in Northwestern Yunnan, ChinaBarry BakerThe Nature Conservancy 
Altiplano climate changePaul BakerDuke University 
Detection and Attribution of climate change over the Western USG. BalaLawrence Livermore National Laboratory 
New sources of climate predictability in the MediterraneanJoan BallesterClimate Research Laboratory 
Variability of the ocean-atmosphere coupling to improve the climate predictability in the Mediterranean basinJoan Ballester ClaramuntUniversity of Barcelona 
Modeling the role of fire on high latitude carbonMichael BalshiUniversity of Alaska FairbanksPub 1, Pub 2, Pub 3
CLIVARMichael BarlageUniversity of Arizona 
Blocking & low-frequency modesElizabeth BarnesUniversity of Reading 
Atlantic Decadal VariabilityMarcelo BarreiroPrinceton University 
ESNO effects in atmospheric circulation and the climate of southern South AmericaVicente BarrosUniversidad de Buenos Aires 
The sensitivity of the climate to the location of tropical warmingJoseph BarsugliUniversity of Colorado, Boulder 
Impacts of interannual-to-decadal climate variability on western North AmericaPatrick J. BartleinUniversity of Oregon 
Earth Sciences Education ProjectD.J. BartonCenter for Geophysical and Astrophysical Studies 
Project for Sustainable Coexistence of Human, Nature, and the EarthPranab BaruahUniversity of Tokyo 
Can coral reefs survive climate change?Marissa BaskettNational Center for Ecological Analysis and SynthesisPub 1, Pub 2
Development of metrics for evaluating simulations of clouds, radiation, and precipitation for GCSSCrispian BatstoneNational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationPub 1
Possible impacts of climate change in MexicoFrancisco BecerraUNAM 
Diagnosis of Polar Amplification and Energy Budget Terms in IPCC ModelsTony BeesleyNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 
The Role of Indian and Pacific Oceans in Climate VariabilitiesSwadhin BeheraFrontier Research Center for Global Change, Japan 
Impact of Climate Change on the Humboldt CurrentAli Bel MadaniLEGOS / IRD / CLS 
CARBOCEANRichard BellerbyBCCR 
Impact des Changements Climatique sur l'AgricultureLazreg BenaichataTiaret University 
Statistical-empirical downscalingRasmus BenestadThe Norwegian Meteorological InstitutePub 1, Pub 2, Pub 3, Pub 4, Pub 5, Pub 6, Pub 7, Pub 8, Pub 9, Pub 10
Predictive phenology of birch in FennoscandiaJonathan BennieUniversity of Durham 
Climate Modeling of the Great Lakes RegionEd BensmanUniversity of Notre Dame 
Urban heatJason BeringerMonash University 
Mid-Latitude Isotope DendroclimatologyMax BerkelhammerUniversity of Southern California 
Climate change and water availability in the Middle East North African regionPaul BerrisfordUniversity of Reading 
Sahel Climate studyTazebe BeyeneUniversity of Washington 
Climate Change and Hydrologic Response PredictionTazebe Kiros BeyeneUniversity of washington 
Water Management as a Tool for Control of ClimateAlka BharatM.A.National Institute of Technology 
Multidecadal Variability of the Arctic-North AtlanticUma BhattUniversity of Alaska Fairbanks 
Climate Change Impact Assessment on Transportation Infrastructure in ManitobaA.K.M. BhuiyanUniversity of Manitoba 
Analysis of African rainfall variability and changeMichela BiassuttiColumbia UniversityPub 1, Pub 2, Pub 3
Response of Model Hydrologic Systems to CO2-induced WarmingKaren BiceWoods Hole Oceanographic Institution 
Performance of GCMs and Climate Change ScenariosMario BidegainFacultad de Ciencias - Univ.Republica 
Great salinity anomaliesGrant BiggUniversity of SheffieldPub 1
Climate change and variability on the Southern Ocean and AntarcticaNathan BindoffUniversity of Tasmania 
Influence of Global Warming Phenomenon on Energy Demand Characteristics Prediction for Uzbekistan up to 2030Ekaterina BiryukovaToyohashi University of Technology 
Arctic climate change in the SRES A1B scenario from 2000-2300Cecilia BitzUniversity of WashingtonPub 1, Pub 2, Pub 3
Regional downscalingHalldor BjornssonIcelandic Met Office 
Water, Life and CivilisationEmily BlackUniversity of Reading 
IRI Data LibraryBenno BlumenthalIRI at Columbia University 
CFMIPAlejandro Bodas-SalcedoMet Office, Hadley Centre 
Regional Climate Change Projection on France and EuropeJulien BoéCERFACSPub 1, Pub 2, Pub 3, Pub 4
Long-timescale potential predictability of an ensemble of modelsGeorge BoerCanadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis 
Patterns of climate feedback/sensitivityGeorge BoerCanadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis 
Bushfire Cooperative Research CentreMatthias BoerUniversity of Western Australia 
ACT-19Juan Pablo BoisierDGF, Universidad de Chile 
Can we detect a signal of anthropogenic climate change in California?Céline BonfilsUniversity of California, Merced 
Cloud Behaviour in Large-scale Circulation Regimes of the Tropics Sandrine BonyLaboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique du C.N.R.S.Pub 1
Climate Change Assessment for Yangtze River BasinChristopher BooneCornell University 
Quantifying Uncertainties in Model ForecastsBen BoothHadley Centre, UK Metoffice 
Climate ChangeMalte BorowiackN/A 
DissertationJames BothwellUniversity of Oklahoma 
KETOMichael BotzetMax-Planck-Institut for Meteorology 
Frequency changes in daily weather regimes over Southeastern South AmericaJean-Philippe BoulangerLaboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique du C.N.R.S.Pub 1, Pub 2
Tropical, upper tropospheric and lower stratospheric temperature and humidityByron BovilleUniversity Corporation for Atmospheric Research 
Stationary Waves in IPCC SimulationsJames BoyleLawrence Livermore National Laboratory / PCMDI 
Silviculture in a Changing ClimateJohn BradfordUS Forest Service 
Climate Impacts of Plant InvasionBethany BradleyPrinceton UniversityPub 1, Pub 2, Pub 3, Pub 4
Intercomparison of zonal mean wind and response of this parameter to GHG forcingJenny BrandefeltStockholm University 
The sensitivity of stationary waves to the background stateJenny BrandefeltStockholm UniversityPub 1
Analysis of Climate Change on the Western Balkan PeninsulaCedo BrankovicCroatian Meteorological and Hydrological ServicePub 1
IPCC Hydrology AnalysisMarcia BranstetterOak Ridge National Laboratory 
Ongoing climate studiesDanny BrawellUniversity of Alabama in Huntsville 
Applying detrended fluctuation analysis to long term atmospheric dataSteve BrennerBar Ilan University, Israel 
Northwest USA climate changeScott Bridgham BridghamUniversity of Oregon 
Water Storage OptimizationTom BrikowskiUniversity of Texas at Dallas 
Climate Model Simulations of the ITCZAnthony BroccoliRutgers University 
Influence of a Changing Climate on the Distribution and Variability of Free Tropospheric Water VaporHelene BrogniezUniversity of ChicagoPub 1
SOAPPhilip BrohanHadley CentrePub 1
PCIC Scenario Accesss InterfaceDavid BronaughPacific Climate Impacts Consortium 
Flood AnalysisCasey BrownIRI 
Large-scale ocean-atmosphere interactions and ocean circulation in the tropicsJaclyn BrownCentre for Australian Weather and Climate Research (CAWCR), CSIROPub 1, Pub 2
African Food SecurityMolly BrownSSAI/NASA Goddard Space Flight Center 
Evaluation of 20th Century Snow Simulations Over North AmericaRoss BrownEnvironment CanadaPub 1
Implications of statistical downscalingScott BryantUniversity of Cambridge 
Wine and WarmingKathleen Buckleymedia 
Independent researchRobert BurgmanUniversity of MiamiPub 1
Drought in 2xco2Eleanor BurkeUK Met Office 
Relationships Between Large-Scale Climate Variability and CO2Amy ButlerColorado State University 
Eddy Stresses on Hadley CellRodrigo CaballeroUniversity College, DublinPub 1
Impact of Global Warming on ENSO Phase Change: A Multimodel StudyWilliam CabosUniversidad de Alcala, Spain 
Footprint of dynamical amplifier of global warmings at the TOAMing CaiFlorida State UniversityPub 1, Pub 2, Pub 3, Pub 4
Climate Prediction and Nonlinear Analysis of Climate DataSong CaiUniversity of British Colombia 
IPCC Model Simulations of 20th Century Climate over the Southern HemisphereWenju CaiCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research OrganisationPub 1, Pub 2, Pub 3, Pub 4, Pub 5
Ensemble simulations for TurkeySedef CakirITU 
Understandable Metrics of Climate ChangeKen CaldeiraCarnegie Institution 
Energy budget in the oceanSandro CalmantiENEA 
Comparison of ISCCP data with model-simulated cloudinessGarrett CampbellColorado State University 
GeomaLuiz CandidoINPA 
UBC Climate Prediction GroupAlex CannonUBC 
The variability of the trade wind inversionJax CaoUniversity of Hawaii 
Water Resources AssessmentJianting CaoGeneral Institute of Water Resources Planning MWR 
Variation of General Circulation over East AsiaJie CaoDepartment of Atmospheric Science, Yunnan University 
Interannual and decadal variability in the tropical Pacific Ocean: Description and MechanismsAntonietta CapotondiNational Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationPub 1
Water resources management in the CarolinasGreg CarboneUniversity of South Carolina 
PCMDIJessie CarmanLLNL 
IcarusDominic CarneyLondon University 
Evaluation of Seasonal Genesis Parameters Louis-Philippe CaronUniversité du Québec à MontréalPub 1
Regional Climate Projection in ChileJorge CarrascoDirección Meteorológica de Chile 
Surface climate response associated with Southern Annular Mode changesAndrea CarrilInstituto Nazionale di Geofisica e VulcanologiaPub 1
Ocean hydrologic cycleJames CartonUniversity of Maryland 
Changes in synoptic weather patterns in the Arctic and Antarctic over the 21st centuryJohn CassanoUniversity of ColoradoPub 1, Pub 2, Pub 3, Pub 4
Atmospheric circulation, precipitation and temperature in the South American monsoon regionIracema F.A. CavalcantiCentro de Previsao de Tempo e Estudos Climaticos 
Precipitation extremes in the western US-Mexico boTereza CavazosCICESE 
Hierarchical model interpretation of simulatedglobal temperature changesRichard E. ChandlerUniversity College London 
Seasonal Cycle in the Atlantic Sector in the Coupled ModelChing-Yee ChangUniversity of MarylandPub 1
Storm track variability and change in GCM simulationsEdmund ChangStony Brook University 
Heavy Precipitation Events and Land-atmospheric Interactions During the Indian Summer MonsoonHsin-I ChangPurdue University 
Statistical downscalingSteve CharlesCSIRO 
Comparing radiation in IPCC models with fluxes from satellites, ground networks, and matched radiative transfer calculationsThomas CharlockNASA Langley Research Center 
Stratospheric Warmings in IPCC ModelsAndrew CharltonColumbia University 
Influence of Global Warming on East Asian Summer MonsoonsHemantkumar ChaudhariInt Climate Sys. Modeling Lab, Pukyong National University 
Influence on Surface Wind Stress in Climate ModelsDudley B. CheltonOregon State UniversityPub 1
Climate Change in Eastern ChinaBaode ChenShanghai Typhoon Institute, CMA 
Impact of Global Warming on the Extreme Weather and Climate EventsCheng-Ta ChenNational Taiwan Normal UniversityPub 1
Climate model refiningKevin ChenStanford University 
The Climate System Model Development and ApplicationLawrence ChenInstitude of Atmospheric Physics 
Evaluating the Scales of Various GCMs in Resolving Slantwise ConvectionsYongsheng ChenNational Center for Atmospheric Research 
Climate Change and Extreme Rainfall-related Surface Runoff Risks in OntarioChad Shouquan ChengMeteorological Service of Canada 
Centurial Climate Projections on Hong KongFei Kit CheungUniversity of Hong Kong 
Vegetation Modeling for the Colorado PlateauJim ChewUSDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Stati 
Response of the Northeast Pacific Ocean CirculationKettyah ChhakGeorgia Tech 
Tropical and Rainfall Climate Under Climate ChangeJohn ChiangUniversity of California, BerkeleyPub 1
Forest carbon sequestrationJyh-Min ChiangTaiwan Forestry Research Institute 
Effect Of Climate on the ElectricityKrithikha ChinnaswamyUniversity Of New Hampshire 
Climate Change Impacts on Precipitation and Sea Level VariationsYin-Min ChoCentral Weather Bureau, Taiwan 
Hydrologic and water resource implications of climate change over the colorado river basin using 10 GCMs under emission scenarios A2 and B1Niklas ChristensenUniversity of Washington 
Chinese flood and drought mechanism researchingLu ChuhanNanjing University of Information &Science Technology 
Aerosol - climateChul ChungScripps Institution 
Comparing model estimates of sea-level rise and ocean heat uptake with observationsJohn ChurchCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research OrganisationPub 1
PESETA project: Projection of Economic impacts of climate change in Sectors of the European union based on boTtom-up AnalysesJuan Carlos CiscarEuropean Commission Joint Research Centre 
Climate Imapct on the Sheep IndustryAnthony ClarkyCentre for Resource and Environmental Studies, Australia 
ENSEMBLESAntonio S. Cofiño GonzalezUniversity of Cantabria 
CFMIP (CCCma contribution)Jason ColeUniversity of British Columbia 
Analysis of Climate Change Impacts on the Chesapeake Bay WatershedVictoria ColesUniversity of Maryland 
Late 20th century trends in rainfall and atmospheric circulation in Southern AustraliaMark CollierCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research OrganisationPub 1, Pub 2, Pub 3, Pub 4, Pub 5
Estimation of radiative forcing: methodologies, benchmarks, and multi-model intercomparisonsBill CollinsNational Center for Atmospheric ResearchPub 1
Seasonal rainfall and climate change in African, Asian and Maritime monsoon regionsDan C. CollinsGeorgia Tech 
Climate Change in the Tropical Pacific: Mean Climate and ENSO VariabilityMat CollinsMet Office Hadley Centre 
The Probability of Future Global and Large-Scale Regional Climate ChangeMat CollinsMet Office Hadley CentrePub 1
Temperature and moisture responses of the AR4 models -- their implications for radiative feedbacksRob ColmanBureau of Meteorology Research Centre 
ENSO and non-ENSO in coupled modelsGilbert CompoUniversity of Colorado / CIRES / CDC 
DroughtBenjamin CookLamont Doherty Earth Observatory 
Sensitivity of the West African Monsoon to Gulf of Guinea Sea Surface Temperatures (SSTs)Kerry H. CookCornell UniversityPub 1, Pub 2
Variations in the polar vortex during the 20th and 21st centuriesEugene C. CorderoSan Jose State University , Pub 2
Alpine Water Resources: Modelling and Monitoring Through Continuous Simulation of Ice and Snow Cover Mass BalanceJavier CorripioSwiss Federal Institute of Technology 
Application of Wavelength Analysis to Assess Future Hydrologic ExtremesPaulin CoulibalyMcMaster University 
Secular Trends and Climate Drift in Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere GCMsCurt CoveyLawrence Livermore National Laboratory / PCMDIPub 1
Search for Atmospheric Tides in the CMIP3 (a.k.a. IPCC AR4) and AMIP Archives of GCM OutputCurt CoveyLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryPub 1, Pub 2
Dissertation ResearchJosh CowdenMichigan Technological University 
The impacts of climate change on UK wind powerLucy CraddenUniversity of Edinburgh 
SSS trendsSophie CravatteIRD 
Evaluation of model performance as a measure for the production of consensus climate projections in the Australian regionSteven CrimpQueensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines 
PMIP2Michel CrucifixUniversite catholique de LouvainPub 1
Impact of climate change over South American vegetationSvcuadra CuadraIAG 
Assessment of IPCC Simulations of the Antarctic Surface ClimateRichard CullatherColumbia University 
Temperature VariationsLance CurtisAdvanced Ideas Mechanics 
Global Variability of SalinityArnaud CzajaImperial College 
Analysis of West African Monsoon ChangesTristan d'OrgevalLMD/UPMC 
NoneMarc d'OrgevilleUniversity of Toronto 
Precipitation and the global water cycle simulated by coupled climate modelsAiguo DaiNational Center for Atmospheric ResearchPub 1
The impact of the climate change to buildingLiu DalongInstitute of Architecure Sicience,Xi'an University 
Study of Polar CryosphereMihir DashNational Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research 
Assessment of Climate Change in India with particular reference to selected ecosystems and sea level riseS. K DashCentre for Atmospheric Sciences, IIT Delhi, India 
JER-DesertificationJohn DauesUSDA-ARS-JER 
N/AAndrew DavidsonNSW DNR 
Atmosphere ScienceLee DavyPeking University 
Atmosphere ScienceLee DavyPeking University 
Interactions Among Climate, Humans and Playa Wetlands on the Southern High PlainsWijesuriya DayawansaTexas Tech University 
Impacts of Future Sea Ice Conditions on Transportation in Canada's Northwest PassageRoger De AbreuMeteorological Service of Canada, Environment Canada 
pyDAPRoberto De AlmeidaCPTEC/INPE 
Ensembles EU projectManuel de CastroUniversity of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain) 
Changes in Oceanic and Atmospheric Poleward Heat Temporal VariabilityFemke de JongKNMI/NIOZ 
IPRC Regional Ocean Atmosphere ModelSimon de SzoekeInternational Pacific Research CenterPub 1
Testing Climate Models with Geodetic ObservationsOlivier de VironRoyal Observatory of Belgium 
Assessing the Greenhouse Effect in the NetherlandsLiesbeth de WaalNetherlands Environmental Assessment Agency 
Project 289: A comparison of cyclone/anticycloneNatalia DegtyarevaHydrometeorological Centre of RussiaPub 1
Analysis of the atmospheric and oceanic angular momentum variability at decadal and secular time scales for the influence of solar and volcanic forcing.Rodrigo Abarca Del RioUniversidad de Concepcion 
A comparison of the surface heat balance in the eastern pacific, emphasis in Panama bight and Humboldt Current System associated to Greenhouse warming scenariosRodrigo Abarca Del RioUniversidad de ConcepcionPub 1
Impact of Climate Change on Rainfall ExtremesSolomon DemissieNational University of Ireland, Galway 
Weather typesMatthias DemuzereKUL 
20th and 21st century simulations of snowStephen DeryPrinceton University 
climate change projections and apply them in water resources Climate Change Projections and Water ResourcesPlanning Eastern EnglandSuraje DessaiUniversity of East Anglia 
Consensus and scatter among climate change projections for the Western USMike DettingerUniversity of California, San DiegoPub 1, Pub 2, Pub 3, Pub 4
Dynamics of Arctic Climate and Circulation Eric DeWeaverUniversity of Wisconson-Madison 
Assessing the North Pacific Regional Physical-biological Response to Climate ChangeEmanuele Di LorenzoGeorgia Tech 
MSc. ThesisPedro Di NezioRosenstiel SchoolPub 1
Spatial downscaling climate change scenariosMaximiliano DiazUNAM 
Forcing of Eastern Boundary Current RegionsNoah S. DiffenbaughPurdue UniversityPub 1, Pub 2, Pub 3, Pub 4, Pub 5, Pub 6, Pub 7, Pub 8, Pub 9, Pub 10, Pub 11, Pub 12, Pub 13, Pub 14, Pub 15, Pub 16
Response of Drought over East Asia to doubled atmospheric CO2: Coupled Climate Models simulations and Projections under IPCC AR4Kim Do-WooPukyung National University, Korea 
Effects of ENSO and the Indian Ocean Diplole on Short Season Rainfall in East AfricaRuth DohertyUniversity of EdinburghPub 1, Pub 2
Arctic TemperatizationKatelyn DolanUniversity of New Hampshire 
Climate Scenario SAHRAFrancina DominguezUniversity of Arizona 
Interactions of the Tropical Indian and Atlantic Oceans on ENSO and the Influence on Tropical TeleconnectionsDietmar DommengetUniversity of KielPub 1, Pub 2
Bering and AlaskaCharles DongIGPP/UCLA 
Predicting Anthropogenic ENSO ChangesJoshua DorinPenn State University 
Dunefield remobilization in North AmericaRichard DoughtyUniversity of Oxford 
Climate effects on arctic wildlifeDavid DouglasU.S. Geological Survey 
Study of the Temperature Trends of GCM ModelsDavid DouglassUniversity of RochesterPub 1
On the influence of precipitation on land surface warmingHervé DouvilleMétéo FrancePub 1, Pub 2
California Climate ChangesHui DuUniversity of California, Davis 
Indian Ocean Warming/IPRCYan DuUniversity of Hawaii 
Resolving the Aerosol-Climate-Water PuzzleManvendra DubeyLos Alamos National Laboratory 
Western USA climate and hydrology simulationsPhil DuffyLawrence Livermore National Laboratory / PCMDI 
Hydrodynamic DischargeChristopher Duncombe RaeUniversity of Maine 
AR4 Chapter 10Michael EbyUniversity of Victoria 
Near Surface Wind SpeedScott Eichelberger3TIER 
Climatology of Cyclones/Anticyclones in Current and Future Climate ScenariosTim EichlerNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 
Attribution/Drought/Plant CommunitiesJon EischeidNOAA/ESRL 
N/AIan EisenmanHarvard UniversityPub 1, Pub 2
4th Impact Assessment ReportMessele EjetaCalifornia Department of Water Resources 
Multimodel Analysis of dataGamal El AfandiAl Azhar University 
Diagnostics of the SAT annual cycleAlexey EliseevA.M.Obukhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics RAS 
Assessing the Affect of Climate Change on Hurricane ActivityKerry EmanuelMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyPub 1
Validation and future projection of modeled extreme daily precipitationSeita EmoriNational Institute for Environmental StudiesPub 1, Pub 2
Changes in precipitation characteristics in Mongolia and ChinaNobuhiko EndoJapan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology 
CPPA, WH warm poolDavid EnfieldAtlantic Oceanographic & Meteorological LabPub 1
Improving climate change impacts predictions on biodiversityBarend ErasmusUniversity of the Witwatersrand, South Africa 
Assessing Sea Ice Habitats of Arctic PinnipedsVladimir EremeevInstitute of Ecology, RAS, Moscow, Russia 
20th Century Climate Change in the USA Willis Eschenbach 
Independent researchWillis EschenbachNone 
Regional climate scenarios for SpainMaria Jesus Esteban-ParraUniversidad de Granada 
Monthly Air TemperatureAndrew EtringerNSIDC 
Impact of Global Warming on the Hydrological Cycle of the Middle EastJason EvansYale UniversityPub 1, Pub 2
Model Simulations of Western Conifer Forest EcosystemsMichael EvansUniversity of Arizona 
Climate change and Hydrologic variabilities on Alpine RegionPaola FaggianCESI, Italy 
GIS and statistical analysis of climate model accuracySouleymane FallPurdue University 
Study Impact of the Raise of CO2 Concentration in the Atmosphere to Rainfall Pattern Changes in IndonesiaAkhmad FaqihPub 1, Pub 2
ENSEMBLESIrina FastFreie Universitaet Berlin 
Climate impacts on infrastructureRowan FealyNational University of Ireland Maynooth (NUIM) 
Future climate change and impact on crop yield in US high plainsSong FengUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln 
Analyzing long-term trends in the Indian Winter monsoonDinali FernandoRutgers University 
Greenland surface mass balanceXavier FettweisUniversity College, London 
20th and 21st Century Sea IceThierry FichefetUniversité Catholique de LouvainPub 1, Pub 2
Westerlies off Southern ChileDante FigueroaUniversity of Concepcion, Chile 
Mid-latitude continental summer dryingKirsten L. FindellNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 
Terrestrial, atmospheric and oceanic processes involved in the freshwater budget of the Arctic OceanJoel FinnisUniversity of Colorado, BoulderPub 1, Pub 2
Tropical cyclone activity index in IPCC simulationsMike FiorinoLawrence Livermore National Laboratory / PCMDI 
The Future of Biodiversity in Western AustraliaMatt FitzpatrickUniversity of Tennessee 
Sea-ice climatology and responseGregory M. FlatoCanadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis 
Centiennal Scale Southern Annular Mode BehaviorRyan FogtOhio State UniversityPub 1, Pub 2
Climate Change Impacts on S. AB HydrologyKate ForbesThe University of Lethbridge 
Estimated noise covariance from multi-model ensemble of unforced control simulationsChris E. ForestMassachusetts Institute of Technology 
Diagnose global mean radiatove forcing from top of atmosphere fluxesPiers ForsterUniversity of ReadingPub 1
Comparing upper-air temperatures with radiosonde networksMelissa FreeNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 
Stable Boundary LayerFrank FreedmanSan Jose State University 
Large scale snow cover extent variationsAllan FreiHunter CollegePub 1
Midlatitude Static Stability and Tropopause HeightDargan FriersonUCAR/University of ChicagoPub 1
Climate in 50 yearsStefan FronzekFinnish Environment InstitutePub 1
The Impact of Climate Change on Tropical Cyclone GenesisBing FuMET/SOEST/University of Hawaii 
The influence of increased atmospheric CO2 on the length of the dry season over South America and other monsoon regionsRong FuGeorgia Institute of TechnologyPub 1, Pub 2, Pub 3, Pub 4
Impacts of climate change on the hydrology and water resources of the Seyhan River basin, TurkeyYoichi FujiharaResearch Institute for Humanity and Nature, Japan 
Energy Requirements for Global Climate ShiftsRichard B. Fulwider IIIBM/Private Citizen 
Examining Potential Changes in African Moisture Transports and PrecipitationChris FunkUniversity of California, Santa Barbara 
Human-Induced Change in the Antarctic Circumpolar CurrentJohn FyfeCanadian Centre for Climate Modelling and AnalysisPub 1, Pub 2, Pub 3, Pub 4
Analysis of the GEV distribution from maxima of daily precipitation dataM.C. Gallego HerrezueloUniversidad de Extremadura 
Thesis About Hydrologic ExtremesDaniele GanoraPolitecnico di Torino and Duke University 
Simulated Changes in the Heat Content of the World OceanYongqi GaoNansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center 
Regional Impacts of the North Atlantic Ocean in a Global Warming ScenarioMarisol Garcia ReyesUniversity of California, Davis 
Biotic sensitivity in northwest North AmericaDaniel GavinUniversity of Oregon 
AMMAAmadou GayeUCAD 
Difference Between North American Snow Depth and Snow ExtentYan GeColumbia University 
Antarctic climate and surface mass balance changesChristophe GenthonLaboratoire de Glaciologie et Géophysique de l'EnvironnementPub 1, Pub 2
Alpine Glaciers in a Changing ClimateChristophe GenthonLaboratoire de Glaciologie et Géophysique de l'EnvironnementPub 1, Pub 2
Climate & Cryospheric ResearchChristian GeorgesUniversity of Innsbruck 
Freshwater balance of the Arctic OceanRuediger GerdesAlfred Wegener InstitutePub 1
Oxygen Isotopes in Cellulose from an Ombrotrophic Peat CoreSanghamitra GhoshFlorida State University 
Impacts of climate change and extreme events in the Mediterranean regionChristos GiannakopoulosNational Observatory of Athens 
Atmos energy budgets of Sahel droughtAlessandra GianniniIRI at Columbia University 
Natural aerosolsPaul GinouxNOAA-GFDL 
Regional analysis of ensembles of IPCC simulations: mean, interannual variability and extremes at the seasonal scaleFilippo GiorgiAbdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics 
Climate change and civil conflict in Sub-Saharan AfricaSarah GlaserScripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD 
Statistical Analysis and Comparison of Modeled and Observed Daily Temperature RangesByron GleasonNational Climatic Data Center 
Evaluation of the Simulated Mean Climate using PCMDI Summary StatisticsPeter GlecklerLawrence Livermore National Laboratory / PCMDIPub 1
Variations in ocean heat content and thermal expansionPeter GlecklerLawrence Livermore National Laboratory / PCMDIPub 1, Pub 2, Pub 3, Pub 4
Sea Level RisePatty GlickNational Wildlife Federation 
Diagnosing climate models using traditional climate classificationsAnand GnanadesikanPrinceton UniversityPub 1
Performance-based Probabilistic Multi-Model Climate Change ScenariosLisa GoddardColumbia UniversityPub 1
Projected climate change and sea-level rise and its impact on NYCRichard GoldbergNASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies 
Climate Change and Forest FiresNicola GoldingSchool of Geography, University of OxfordPub 1
Rio CaroniJesus A. GomezCVG EDELCA 
Land surface feedbacks and the simulation of anthropogenically-forced Arctic Oscillation trendsGavin GongColumbia University 
Reducing Uncertainties in Climate Models for the CaribbeanDennis GonguezCaribbean Community Climate Change Center 
Water Resources Vulnerability to Climate Change in the North Stann Creek Watershed in Belize, Central AmericaDennis GonguezCaribbean Community Climate Change Center 
Hadley Centre CMIP3 local mirrorPeter GoodMetOffice Hadley Centre, UK 
The effects of sea ice and cloud variability on the top-of-atmosphere albedoIrina GorodetskayaColumbia UniversityPub 1
Predictions of Water in AfricaCaitlin GraceAustralian National University 
Panama AssessmentNicholas GrahamHydrologic Research Center 
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