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Western Region Energy Model and Analysis

PI: Donald Price
Institution: PG&E
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has begun the development of a Western Region Energy Model to analyze policies and possible scenarios that may affect the westernís regions energy system. The model is being designed to evaluate many of the energy policies being considered in the western United States as well as how future climate may alter technology and policy options. The energy model is designed to identify strategies that can minimize cost of energy given a range of policy decisions, uncertainties of future technology performance and environmental constraints. This current effort is being developed to examine several questions being posed in the Western United States;

1) How would Californiaís goals for Hydrogen Transportation Fuel affect the western regionís refinery and electric generation system?

2) How would potential climate and demographic changes constrain or improve the regionís ability to generate electricity? Which technologies will have advantages given expected climate conditions?

3) How might western region energy policies affect the ability of the private sector to meet regional energy needs?

4) What policies could be pursued in the near future to best position the energy system to meet long-term energy needs?

A unique aspect of this effort is the collaboration with the Technology Center of Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). PG&E is a major gas and electric utility company strategically located in the western United States. Donald G. Price of PG&E, who is also a Participating Guest at LLNL, will coordinate PG&E participation on the project and provide technical review and support to the project Principal Manager (PM).

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