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Antarctic atmospheric temperature trend pattern

PI: Pu Lin
Institution: University of Washington
Both satellite and radiosonde observations have shown that the Antarctic troposphere is cooling in summer and fall seasons since 1979, while in winter and spring, it is warming over most of the continent, but there is tropospheric cooling in winter for half of the East Antarctic. For stratosphere, there is strong cooling in summer, and semi-annular patterns of warming in winter and spring as shown by Johanson, C.M. and Q. Fu [2007].

Much of the troposhperic cooling in summer and fall may be contributed by the strengthening of the SAM, but how much of the winter and spring warming is related to increases in greenhouse gases and/or changes in local circulations is remained to be unclear. Besides the large stratospheric warming occurring between June and November requires further investigation.

To understand the possible causes of such spatial trend patterns, it is instructive the produce the atmosphere temperature trend maps of Anarctic by the model outputs and compare it with the MSU and radiosonde results.


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