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Model Assessment over sub-Sahara Africa: control and future climate

PI: Bruce Hewitson
Institution: University of Cape Town
Additional Investigators: Mark Tadross, Rob Crane, Bill Gutowski
Sub-themes for the Africa region:
a) Assessment of diurnality
b) Raindays/dry spell durations and extremes
c) Stationarity of the climate system
d) Skill resolution in the model
e) Empirical downscaling as a means of assessing internal consistency of the model fields, and contributing to (b), as well as Ch 11 of WG1.

This would draw on established procedures developed by ourselves and currently in use with ECHAM4, CSIRO9-Mk2 and HadAM3 data.

Data requirements: (control and future climate)

For (a) sub-daily precip and sfc temperatures, LH flux & SH flux at sfc, incident SW flux + top-level soil moisture and a cloud diagnostic if possible; 3-hourly ideally

For (b)-(d) daily averages of precip and Sfc temp - which we can derive from (a). The objectives of (c) and (d) can be extended to the variables of (e) below.

For (e), fields of:
- Surface air temp, q, u, v
- 850hPa and 500hPa geopotential height, u, v, q, t
  • Hewitson, B.C., and R.G. Crane, 2006: Consensus between GCM climate change projections with empirical downscaling: Precipitation downscaling over South Africa. International Journal of Climatology. In press. Abstract. Edit.

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