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AEROCOM aerosol model initiative

PI: Michael Schulz
Institution: Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique
Additional Investigators: Stefan Kinne, Sarah Guibert, Chrisitiane Textor
The AEROCOM aerosol model initiative intends to intercompare aerosol model simulations and integrate observations from different kind of observing platforms. The objective is ultimately to reduce uncertainties in the radiative forcing from aerosols and thus should feed into the next IPCC report. A protocol and access to the data is described on the AEROCOM web pages (http://nansen.ipsl.jussieu.fr/AEROCOM/).

Here we formulate our interest to investigate how the aerosol fields and associated forcing in the IPCC simulations relate to the best guess and range of AEROCOM model results. The workup shall be done by the AEROCOM team, including Michael Schulz, Stefan Kinne, Sarah Guibert and Chrisitiane Textor for now. Required data are the aerosol distributions and forcings from the IPCC simulation.

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