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Impact of Climate Change on River Runoff in Asia-Monsoon Region

PI: Akio Kitoh
Institution: Meteorological Research Institute, Japan
Additional Investigators: T. Oki, D. Nohara, M. Hosaka and K. Kamiguchi
Population explosion and economic development in many countries of Asia-monsoon region have already encountered many water problems as floods and droughts associated with the monsoon rainfall variability. The prediction of the precipitation and the river flow accompanied with the climate change is an important source of information for the flood control and the irrigation for the Asian people. The purpose of the proposed research is to estimate the impact of the climate change on the river flow for the major rivers (e.g., the Mekong, Ganges and Euphrates) in Asia-monsoon region. The amount of the future river flow is estimated by the Total Runoff Integrating Pathways (TRIP) that calculates the lateral water movement on the global scale in river channels over the continents. The TRIP model requires the daily runoff dataset by the multi-model results for the IPCC. The additional analysis for the mechanism study requires the monthly mean pressure level dataset (e.g., temperature, wind, geopotential height, humidity and surface pressure). To compare the future river runoff with present, the variability of the intensity and frequency of the floods and droughts are estimated.
  • Nohara, D., A. Kitoh, M. Hosaka, and T. Oki, 2006: Impact of climate change on river discharge projected by multi-model ensemble. J. Hydromet.. Accepted. Abstract. Edit.

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