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Climate change, natural hazards and environmental protection in Europe

PI: Alex Polonsky
Institution: Marine Hydrophysical Institute, Ukraine
The PRINCIPAL GOALS of the project are as follows:
* to develop and adopt the academic results and output of NATO project EST-CLG 978911 concerning global and regional climate changes/weather extremes for environment protection from associated natural hazards in the Eastern Europe;

* to formulate and apply the recommendations for industry, fishery, agriculture, hydrometeorological and ecological services of the Eastern European countries in order to solve the environmental, energetic, agriculture, ecological, medical and recreation problems associated with the climate/weather change and natural hazards and to promote the sustainable development of Eastern European countries;

* to involve the new generation of scientists and managers into international activity associated with utilisation of recent scientific/informational infrastructure for the environmental protection.

To achieve these goals the following tasks should be solved:
(a) to specify and to forecast the regional seasonal European manifestations of the global climate changes;

(b) to select the principal modes of regional interannual-to-decadal climate variability and to assess the magnitude of corresponding variations of frequency and intensity of the weather extremes (storms, floods, etc);

(c) to apply these results in the education, industry and agriculture, hydrometeorological and ecological services of the Eastern European countries.

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