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SGER: Subantarctic Mode Water and Antarctic Intermediate Water: How Well Are They Represented in Climate Models?

PI: Igor V. Kamenkovich
Institution: University of Washington
The goal of this study is to evaluate simulation of the Subantarctic Mode Water (SAMW) and Antarctic Intermediate Water (AAIW) in oceanic components of climate models, using observational data.

The proposed activity has two main objectives:

(i) To evaluate simulation of the properties of SAMW and AAIW by ocean general circulation models (OGCMs) through comparison with the observational data from several WOCE sections and the World Ocean Atlas 2001. The analysis focuses on the position, temperature and salinity of SAMW and AAIW.

(ii) To evaluate simulation of circulation and modification of the intermediate water using estimates of mass, heat and salt fluxes by a data-based inverse box model. The analysis focuses on the net meridional property fluxes into the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic basins.

Results of these analyses will help to identify sources of disagreement between the OGCM-simulated and observed properties of SAMW and AAIW, and will guide future model development.
  • Sloyan, B. M. and I.V. Kamenkovich, 2007: Simulation of Subantartic Mode and Antarctic Intermediate Waters in Climate Models. J. Climate, 20, 5061-5080. Abstract. Edit.

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