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Seasonal Cycle in the Atlantic Sector in the Coupled Model

PI: Ching-Yee Chang
Institution: University of Maryland
Additional Investigators: James Carton, Sumant Nigam
Our diagnostic analysis work focuses on the seasonal cycle of the equatorial Atlantic sector. We have been working on analyzing the atmospheric data of the CCSM3 model (IPCC 1870-2000 historical run) and have found some biases between the model and the observational data. One example is the strong warm bias in the sea surface temperature (SST) in the eastern basin, which is, based on our analysis, related to the anomalous equatorial westerly occurring during the spring season, and the anomalous abundant rainfall over the North Africa in spring and summer. These phenomena occurring in the atmospheric model will suppress the coastal upwelling, which can be confirmed by analyzing the oceanic data. In some other study, it is also suggested that the ocean physics is also playing a role in this warm bias in the eastern basin. We would like to find out what mechanism in the ocean physics is wrong. Therefore we need to extend our analysis to the oceanic model data.
  • Chang, C.-Y., J. A. Carton, S. Grodsky, S. Nigam, 2007: Seasonal climate of the tropical Atlantic sector in the NCAR community climate system model 3: Error structure and probable causes of errors. J. Climate, 20, 1053-1070. Abstract. Edit.

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