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Indian Ocean Dipole's impact on southern hemisphere interannual variability in 20th and 21st century climate

PI: Saji N. Hameed
Institution: University of Hawaii
Recent studies have shown that SST variability associated with Indian Ocean Dipole events have significant impacts on local as well as remote climate (especially in the southern hemisphere). This study will evaluate to what extent CGCM simulations of present climate represent local and remote impacts associated with Indian Ocean Dipole events. Succesful simulations will be further analysed for key atmospheric processes that mediate Indian Ocean SST and the impacts. A second objective is to examine how Indian Ocean variability and its impacts change in CGCM simulations under various global warming scenarios.

Model data required :

* Global, Monthly mean, fields from all available IPCC AR4 models.

Ocean component data

1. sea_surface_temperature (tos)
2. sea_surface_height_above_geoid (zos)

Atmospheric component data

A. Surface data
1. air_pressure_at_sea_level (psl)
2. convective_precipitation_flux (prc)
3. eastward_wind (uas)
4. northward_wind (vas)
5. air_temperature (tas)

B. Pressure level data (200 mb level)

1. geopotential_height (zg)
2. eastward_wind (ua)
3. northward_wind (va)
  • Saji, N. H., and S.-P. Xie and T. Yamagata, 2005: Tropical Indian Ocean variability in the IPCC 20th-century climate simulations. J. Climate. In press. Abstract. Full Article. Edit.

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