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Climate Model Representation of Anthropogenic Forcing Over the Twentieth Century

PI: Natasha Walker
Institution: Columbia University
The first stage of research will also focus on a comparison of observational ssts using the Kaplan Analysis Data (from 1861 to 2000), to data from several 20 century experiment IPCC model runs, such as the CCMA, GISS MPI, CNRN,GFDL, etc.... We would also attempt to determine where the strongest changes are centered; that is, in an east-west direction along the equator (or ENSO related) or more north-south.

I also hope to do analysis on other climate variables, and to run sensitivity tests using one or two of the models. Hopefully we would be able to address several interesting questions such as whether the pressure centers that are now used to determine the SOI is shifting with time, which may account for the general disagreement as to whether the tendency is more el nino or la nina in time.

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