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The Role of Indian and Pacific Oceans in Climate Variabilities

PI: Swadhin Behera
Institution: Frontier Research Center for Global Change, Japan
Additional Investigators: Ashok Karumuri, Hengyi Weng, Suryachandra A. Rao, Toshio Yamagata
The climate anomalies in the Pacific and Indian Oceans are shown to influence the weather and climate over the world. Therefore, we propose to study the climate variabilities in the Indo-Pacific sectors using simulation results archived for IPCC reports from multiple coupled ocean-atmosphere climate models. Those analyses are not only intended to investigate the influence of Indo-Pacific climate modes but also those modes by themselves: We will investigate ENSO, IOD and other modes of variabilities on interannual to decadal time scales. For example, changes in the spatial structure and temporal evolution of those climate events will be examined using EOF and other statistical methods. Interaction between seasonal variability and longer-time-scale variability will also be investigated. Since there are large
uncertainties among model simulations owing to inherent model biases, one aim of our study is to intercompare model results. Those model results will also be validated with available observations and compared with our own model results. This will help us to understand the model biases and the inter-model spreads of certain key parameters. Besides understanding present day responses, we will study how these responses alter in the 21st century simulations.

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