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Assessment on the Impacts of Global Climate Change on Water Resources

PI: Yanjun Shen
Institution: University of Tokyo
Additional Investigators: Taikan Oki, Naota Hanasaki, Magnus Benntuson
The purpose of this research is to give an assessment of the sustainability of global water resources to the global climate change. This work include the water resources availability, agricultural water requirement, industrial and domestic water requirement, and so on. Basically, we try to analyse the situation of different scenario through our integrated global water resources model, which includes the above mentioned sub-modules, land surface model, and a global river network model (TRIP).
  • Oki, T., and S. Kanae, 2006: Global hydrological cycles and world water resources. Science, 313, 1068-1072, DOI: 10.1126/science.1128845. Abstract. Full Article. Edit.
  • Shen, Y., T. Oki, and S. Kanae, 2007: Future change of world water resources under SRES climate warming scenarios: A multi-model analysis. IAHS-Publ. (Red Book), 315, 62-70. Abstract. Full Article. Edit.
  • Shen, Y., T. Oki, N. Utsumi, S. Kanae, and N. Hanasaki, 2008: Projection of future world water resources under SRES scenarios: water withdrawal. Hydrological Science Journal, 53, 11-33. Abstract. Full Article. Edit.

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