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Poleward penetration of the monsoon over the South American continent in a changing climate

PI: Rafael Terra
Institution: Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay
Additional Investigators: Andrea Fabiana Carril
Background: The central plains of subtropical South America have experience a dramatic change in the precipitation regime, being the most prominent feature an increase of the warm season rainfall. Considering that this and other nearby regions have simultaneously experienced a marked change in land use, the causality of the increase in precipitation remains to be clearly established.

Objective: Examine variations in the monsoon southward reach and their association with increased greenhouse gases and ground wetness.

Simulations: Pre-industrial, Present-day control, 1% increase until doubling (2xCO2), and 1% increase until quadrupling (4xCO2)
Model Data required:
2-D monthly mean atmospheric data: pr, mrso, hfls, hfss, rlds, rlus, rsds, rsus, ts, prc, prw, rsdt, rsut, rlut, rsdscs, rsuscs, rldscs, rlutcs, rsutcs, clt
2-D time independent land surface data: sftlf, mrsofc
1-D monthly mean ocean data: hfogo

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