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Quantifying Carbon Budget of Chinese Ecosystems

PI: Jian Ni
Institution: Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry
Additional Investigators: Colin Prentice, Marko Scholze, Jingwei Yuan, Han Wang
Studies on carbon budget in terrestrial ecosystems have been fruitful at the global scale in the past decade and are recently highlighted at regional and national scales. China has a vast area with various climate regimes, diverse ecosystems, and long-term land use history. Climate changes associated with the strong human disturbances had and will have the potential impacts on Chinese ecosystems including the carbon processes. Therefore China is a very important region for global carbon study and it is essential to quantify the carbon budget of China’s terrestrial ecosystems in the past, at present and in future.

The aim of current project is to simulate carbon budget of Chinese ecosystems using the LPJ Dynamic Global Vegetation Model (DGVM). There will be two types of simulation: a historical type (using CRU climate data from pre-industrial to 2002 or beyond), and a scenario type (using GCM-simulated climate scenarios from pre-industrial to 2100 that were run for the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report). In addition to simulate the effect of climate change, the impacts of changes in atmospheric CO2 concentration and land use history on carbon budget will be also considered.

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