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Examining ocean climate change signals

PI: Helen Johnson
Institution: University of University of Reading, UK
Much of my work involves simple idealized numerical model studies and analytical theory, but I am also involved with several NERC RAPID projects (in particular, the UK RAPID THC model intercomparison project, and a project which will use the MIT adjoint model to help us attribute ocean climate change signals in the Atlantic), as well as with the observational NSF ASOF project "Measuring the freshwater flux through Nares Strait" in the Canadian Archipelago.

I am interested in looking at the links between the Atlantic MOC, subpolar gyre strength, deep convection and the exchange between the Atlantic and the Nordic Seas. I would find it extremely useful to be able to use control and 20th century ocean data from some of the AR4 models. My initial plan (with a Masters student this summer) is simply to compare the time series of transport into the Nordic Seas (or NAC strength) with the overturning at, say, 26N (or the maximum over-turning streamfunction) in a selection of models. To what degree, and on what timescales are they linked? Other questions will, of course, follow on
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