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Assessment of Climate Change in India with particular reference to selected ecosystems and sea level rise

PI: S. K Dash
Institution: Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, IIT Delhi, India
Additional Investigators: M. S. Shekhar, S. K. Panda
The most challenging field of study in today’s world is the climate change including the global warming (warming of the atmosphere and oceans). India as a developed nation, is equally concerned about the matter. Studies show that average surface air temperatures over the Indian subcontinent shows increasing trend. To study climate change over India, it becomes necessary to examine the characteristics of some of the important parameters such as the winds at different levels, surface air temperature, sea surface temperature, surface pressure and relative humidity over the Indian domain and the near by seas. Such climatic parameters availed in the IPCC model output may be studied carefully to get indications of warming trend in future in the regional scale. In the recent past there had been evidences of more frequent occurrences of heat waves and severe cyclonic conditions in the east coast of India. IPCC model scenario data will be very useful to study the trends of heat waves in future.

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