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Use of CMIP Data to Document Progress in Climate Model Development

PI: Thomas Reichler
Institution: University of Utah
Additional Investigators: Junsu Kim
This proposal seeks to compare simulations from CMIP1, CMIP2, and CMIP2+ models against the output of the latest model generation that participated in the IPCC AR4 simulations for present day climate conditions (20C3M). Our specific goal is to objectively measure the progress in model development that took place over time. This will be achieved by comparing the simulation quality of various key-climatological quantities against observation based data. It is to hope that the documentation of such a progress will help to lend further credibility in climate simulations performed with current and future models. This project is part of our ongoing effort to evaluate the performance of the IPCC AR4 models.
  • Reichler, T., and J. Kim, 2007: How well do coupled models simulate today's climate?. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc.. Submitted. Abstract. Edit.
  • Reichler, T., and J. Kim, 2007: A comparison of four global atmospheric reanalyses. J. Geophys. Res.. Submitted. Abstract. Edit.
  • Reichler, T., and J. Kim, 2007: Validating the present-day mean climate simulated by the IPCC AR4 models. J. Climate. In preparation. Abstract. Edit.

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