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Regional Climate Change Projection on France and Europe

PI: Julien Bo
Institution: CERFACS
The two main objectives of the project are to study the impact of climate change on the European sector and more specifically on France, and to better understand the physical processes of regional climate change. Two statisitical downscaling schemes based on weather typing have been developped to study the impact of climate change on the hydrological cycle and on wind. Statistical downscaling consists in deriving high resolution regional climate variables from the coarse scale results of global climate model simulations using relationships between large scale climatic state and regional climate properties, established for present climate thanks observations.
  • Bo J., L. Terray , C. Cassou and J. Najac, 2008: Uncertainties in European summer precipitation changes: role of large scale circulation. Clim. Dyn.. Accepted. Abstract. Edit.
  • Bo, J., and L. Terray, 2008: Uncertainties in summer evapotranspiration changes over Europe and implications for regional climate change. Geophys. Res. Lett., 35, L05702, doi:10.1029/2007GL032417. Abstract. Full Article. Edit.
  • Bo, J., L. Terray, E. Martin and F. Habets, 2008: Changes in components of the hydrological cycle in French river basins during the 21st century. Water Resour. Res. Submitted. Abstract. Edit.
  • Najac, J., J. Bo and L. Terray, 2008: A multimodel ensemble approach for assessment of climate change impact on surface winds in France.. Clim. Dyn.. In press. Abstract. Edit.

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