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Impact of Climate Change on the Humboldt Current

PI: Ali Bel Madani
Institution: LEGOS / IRD / CLS
The objectives of this project is to assess the change in regional circulation off the coast of Peru/Chile associated to climate change as simulated by IPCC simulations. From a downscaling approach using both regional oceanic and atmospheric models (ROMS and WRF), we will investigate the change in low-frequency variability of mesoscale activity off the Peru/Chile coasts as well as the modulation of the connection between the equatorial Kelvin wave and the extra-tropical Rossby waves in the South Eastern Pacific. Historical data from the last 50 years and proxy data from cores collected off the coasts of Peru will not only be used for the validation of some characteristics of the regional model, but also interpreted in the light of the different regional simulations taking climatic variability at pre-industrial, present and future eras into account (IPCC model outputs). Specific diagnostics are intended to be carried out, that will diagnose in a synthetic way the change in mean vertical structure of the equatorial Pacific (Dewitte et al., 2006, “Rectification of the ENSO variability by interdecadal changes in the equatorial background mean state in a CGCM simulation ». J. Climate, in press). Those will be used to study the teleconnection between the equatorial Kelvin wave and the regional circulation within the different scenari.

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