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  2. External Packages and Users Contributions (contributions page)

  3. Generic Scripts and tools

General Python Documentation

Related Links

  1. Climate Analysis

    • PyClimate , Python tools for climate variability analysis from the Department of Applied Physics II, Faculty of Sciences, University of the Basque Country.

    • mtaCDF is a Python module implementing some objects for an easy handling of multivariate time series in NetCDF files and some objects for statistical analysis of this time series from Institut fur Meereskunde, Kiel

  2. Python

    • SWIG (Software Wrapper Interface Generator) connects your C or C++ to Python in a jiffy.

    • FPIG, a Python / Fortran connection tool. See FPIG Home Page.

    • CXX, the C++ toolkit for writing Python extensions. See CXX Project Page.

    • Pyfort, a Python / Fortran connection tool. See Pyfort Home Page.

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